Tai Chi Classes in Auckland, New Zealand

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi classes are taught by certified Sing Ong Tai Chi instructors in Avondale, Auckland CBD, Nemarket, Farm Cove, Mairangi Bay, Takapuna and Henderson.

Tai Chi is practiced for health and self-defence, following rich tradition passed down through Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Manqing) and Huang Sheng Shyan (Huang Xingxian) to Professor Yek Sing Ong, grandmaster of Sing Ong Tai Chi.

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Sing Ong Tai Chi classes in Auckland, New Zealand:

Avondale Class

Central Auckland Class (Auckland CBD)

Newmarket Class

Farm Cove Class (near Howick & Pakuranga)

Mairangi Bay Class

Takapuna Class

Henderson Class

Beginners are welcome! Ask your instructor about beginners class starting dates.

Other Tai Chi classes in Auckland, New Zealand:

Laingholm Tai Chi Class (West Auckland / Titirangi / Waitakere Ranges)